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Aman Movement is a civil reformist movement for eradication of ragging in India. The movement is lead by Prof. Raj Kachroo who is also the Founder Trustee of the Aman Satya Kachroo Trust, which provides the financial support for the movement.

The movement played in active role in pursuing the matter of anti ragging through the Supreme court which resulted in a historical Judgment of the 8th May, 2009.You can read it here.

The movement is active with various Government agencies to ensure the plan for eradication, proposed by the movement and endorsed by the Supreme Court, is on track and is implemented in time. The movement plans to launch a nation wide campaign in the next 6 months comprising lectures in various universities, television programs, and various discussion forums etc. The movement will keep a close watch on matters of compliance of the orders of the Hon. Supreme Court and liase with various committees, regulatory authorities and the Ministry of Human Resources to ensure proper compliance.

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