Anti-Ragging Helpline

Call Antiragging Helpline: 1800-180-5522

The Anti-Ragging Helpline is a nationwide, toll free number where students, parents, hostel workers or anybody at all will be able to call 24x7 any time of the day or night. On getting a complaint call, we will respond within minutes by informing the College authorities, and keep a close watch on the situation and if necessary inform the police. The police in turn will be obliged to file an FIR as soon as the complaint has been registered.

All students are encouraged to inform the helpline for every incident or even an apprehension of ragging at any level. Even if a student has directly gone to their head of institutions and made a complaint, please make sure you register a complaint with the helpline as well.

The helpline (1800-180-5522) will operate round-the-clock and function as a watchdog. Once a student calls and registers a complaint, the process of giving him assistance will start within 15 minutes.

Another number, 155222, will be functional within three months. Students, parents and guardians can file complaints also via the Internet on helpline@antiragging.net.

The call will be assigned a unique number which will be given to the complainant for future tracking.

Further, if the complainant does not want to disclose his/her identity, they can still register their complaint on the helpline. Anonymity of the caller shall be maintained upon their request.

After necessary action is taken, the student will get a call or an email confirmation containing details of his or her complaint and action taken.

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