Founder's views on CAG

CAG was not meant to be a rubber stamp. He has allowed himself to become one?

  • Revenue recognition
    Government companies break laws. CAG supports them

    Deliberate misinterpretation of Accounting Standards ( AS9 )

    Thousands of Crores of government funds are parked each year in government owned companies. CAG allows these funds to become un auditable & hence available for siphoning. Deliberate misinterpretation of Accounting Standards (AS9 ) by Chartered Accountants ( supported by ICAI ) is not a loop hole but a tunnel left open to facilitate corruption. CAG supports them. CAG’s standard of Commercial Audit is embarrassingly poor. The annual blue book that CAG submits to the Parliament of India, on the state of government owned companies, is certainly suspect if not misleading but CAG Is not concerned.

    Peoples of India do not know & can not even imagine is that CAG is just a glorified Rubber Stamp.

  • Societies Act
    Governments break laws. CAG does not mind.

    Misuse of the Societies Act.

    Societies Registration Act was enacted in British India, in 1860, for registration of literary, scientific and charitable societies. The law makers of 1860, who made this act will turn in their graves if they get to know that 35 societies, in free independent India, spend as much as 5 billion pounds a year through this act. That is what Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan spends in per a year through grants to charitable societies. CAG is not authorized to audit them because they are “charitable societies”.

  • Nomination of PSU's

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