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1. Instruction to download ragging Mobile App? pdf icon

2. What Constitutes Ragging? pdf icon

3. Where can I get help? pdf icon

4. Why should I & How can I use On-Line undertakings (affidavits) ? pdf icon

5. What is the Summary of UGC Regulations on Ragging? pdf icon

6. What is the Summary of the Order of the Hon. Supreme Court on Ragging? pdf icon

7. Notification about Online Affidavit and Undertaking (Affidavit). pdf icon

8. Notification about Notarising an Undertaking (Affidavit). pdf icon

9. Step by Step procedure of how to fill an Online Anti-Ragging Undertaking (Affidavit).


Step By Step


On How To Submit

An Online Anti Ragging Affidavits



Click link: "" Button Right on the home page


You will be directed to the following modal. Click the link: "RAGGING" & then click to "ONLINE AFFIDAVIT"


You will be directed to the following page. Click the button: "Fill OnLine Affidavit"


Read the instructions carefully and then click on the “Continue” button.

Please note:

• This form is for both the student’s Affidavit & the Parent's Affidavit. You must also fill the form for your parents.


This will lead to first page of the 6 pages form.

Fill Personal Details as required by the form. And then click the "Next" Button.


On page 2 fill the details of Parent/Guardian


On page 3 fill the details of your college


On page 4 fill the details of your course


Please fill page 5 - truthfully. This information is confidential. Your college will never get to know what you have said.


Page 6 is the Affidavit that you are making. Please read the questions carefully & tick each box.

Please note:

• You must confirm that they have read the regulations and understood them.

• If you have not read the regulation then click on the given link & read carefully before you press the submit button.

• You must promise that you will not participate in any act of Ragging & you will not be mute spectator either. If you see Ragging happening you will immediately report it at 1800 180 5522.

Press the "Submit Online Affidavit" button


On pressing the Submit Online Affidavit button you will see the following screen.


Your reference number will be clearly visible. Please note it on a piece of paper & keep it safe. You will need it to get a duplicate if you do not receive one by E mail.

• On successful completion you will receive a completed Student’s Affidavit & completed Parents Affidavit on your E mail address.

• You must sign your affidavit & request your parents/Guardians to sign their Affidavit.

• After signing these affidavits please submit them in your college.

If you do not receive the affidavit by E mail then please

• Check SPAM/ JUNK box

• Click the button 'Problems' on the following screen on the web site & follow instructions for receiving a duplicate.

• The form can be filled as many times as one likes.


There is no money involved in this process.

• There is no need to get the affidavit signed by a Notary or an Oath Commissioner.

• There is no need to get the affidavit printed on a Stamp paper.

• For more Information on Notary or stamp paper please click here for the Government Notification.

24x7 Help Line: 1800 180 5522

E-Mail : helpline@antiragging.in

10. Authorization of Aman Movement. pdf icon

11. UGC Regulation on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Institutions (Third Amendment 2016). pdf icon